Food Truck Review; Taco Works & Best Sandwich Shack

Everyone always asks me what my favorite Mexican restaurant is. So, I’ve set out on a journey to report my opinion on the Mexican food scene and discover the hidden gems of N. Idaho. My first foray is to the two highly recommended food trucks on the 500 block of Best Ave. Now I know I said Mexican but first I just had to try the sandwiches from the Best Sandwich Shack as they tout the best cheese steaks outside of Philadelphia. Being a Philly girl and a former owner of Franklins Hoagies I couldn’t resist the test. I ordered the Philly cheese steak, minus the mayo, and rushed home to share it with my other half. He’s a tough critic. We both loved it. Piled high with thinly sliced tender beef, melted white American cheese, with grilled onions and sweet peppers, it fairly melts in the mouth. The sandwich is moist not greasy, deliciously cheesy, and the roll is perfect; not too bready but chewy with a soft crust. The other offerings are chicken, Italian sausage, and grilled cheese. I appreciate that two people (family members) man the truck and the cook never has to make change or touch money. (Yucky!) It’s clean and well run. Most of the sandwiches cost about $8.00, a bit spendy but they are big, filling, and  you get your moneys worth. Call in orders welcome. 625-0629  Hours: 11am to 8pm

I rate the Best Sandwich Shack 5 stars ***** out of 5.

Now for Mexican food from the bright orange Taco Works truck. We ordered three steak tacos on crispy shells and one soft shell shredded beef taco. You can’t beat the price, $1.50 each and they come stuffed with everything; crisp lettuce, shredded cheese, and pico de gayo salsa with a welcome touch of fragrant cilantro and chopped onion. The veggies are fresh, the meat has a tasty charred flavor, and the corn tortilla is good. The shredded beef soft taco is served on two grilled corn tortillas, just like they do in Mexico. The meat is tender and moist made perfectly spicy with the addition of their hot tomatillo salsa  ( ask for it if you like extra heat) All menu items can be ordered as combo plates with Mexican rice and re-fried beans sprinkled with queso cotijo cheese. If you love burrito’s try one of the wet ones slathered in either a red enchilada sauce or a rich mole’ sauce.  Really good! I haven’t tried the tamales, chile rellenos or the breakfast burritos, but I’ll be back for more for sure.

Call in orders welcome. 208-704-2091
Hours: 8am to 7:30pm Monday- Saturday, Sunday till 4pm

I rate Taco Works 5 stars***** out of 5  (so far)



Best Sandwich Shack


Taco Works

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