Frank and Lynne

Frank and Lynne Wiedemann have been living and learning in Mexico since 1989. They began “Cook With Us Culinary Adventures” a cooks tour company, as a way to share their love of Mexico; it’s amazing cuisine, friendly people, and rich cultural traditions.  This was a magical time in their lives as they met students from around the world who came to their cooking school in Todos Santos to learn the art of Mexican cooking and explore  the rustic beauty of Baja.  In 2009 the pair changed direction and are now based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Lynne teaches cooking classes in authentic Mexican cuisine, they host and cater elaborate Mexican fiestas, cook and test recipes for publication and partner with Mike Gonzalez of the Hispanic Food Network, producing television segments for the “In The Kitchen” TV show.

Sadly, when the cooking school in Mexico burned to the ground it seemed as if all was lost.  It took the couple some time to heal from the loss but they are up and running again.  It’s true Lynne says, “when one door closes another opens”  if we are open to the opportunity.

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