This important technique is essential to Mexican food preparation. Literally, asado means to roast. Prepare food “asado” by charring the ingredients until lightly brown, softened, and blistered. This can be done directly over an open flame, in a heavy cast iron skillet or comal, or in a very hot oven. Some cooks prefer to lightly oil the food to be charred as it aids in removing the skin. Vegetables most often prepared asado are onions, tomatoes and chiles. After chiles are charred place in a tightly sealed plastic or paper bag for 10-15 minutes and let steam. This helps the skins to soften and makes it easier to peel. Scraping the chile with a spoon removes the skin. Onions and sometimes tomatoes are charred, skins left intact, and then added directly to a recipe. Preparing food in this manner imparts a smoky, rustic flavor to Mexican dishes. Try experimenting with this technique, it lends itself to many cuisines. Add tomatoes asado to marinara sauce, blended salsas, or BBQ blends.

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