Watch "En La Cocina" Spokane, KXLY channel 4

The “Cook With Us” test kitchen is getting a real workout. Frank and I have just completed two cooking videos. The first, cochinita pibil a succulent pork dish; the second, Jalapeno achiote bread. This is new territory for us, so any suggestions or comments are much appreciated . We are having fun with another new venture, filming instructional cooking videos with host Mike Gonzalez from the Hispanic Food Network. The opportunity to showcase the recipes we have developed over the years while teaching the intricacies of traditional Mexican cuisine gives us great pleasure. The first segment will air tomorrow, Sunday ( 2/ 7/ 10) @ 10:00 on local channel 4 ( KXLY). Mike will be making Salsa de Orizaba, a spicy peanut and chile based salsa. Stay Tuned !

Join us Sat. February 27th for a hands-on cooking class at the Greenbriar Inn. The focus of the class is “Sopas de Mexico”. Have fun while learning to prepare delicious soups with unique ingredients and traditional techniques. Class includes instruction and the prepared meal. If you would like more info. just e-mail or call.

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