Our European Adventures / Munich Germany

Lynne Oxman Wiedemann

April 29 2018

ONE MORE STORY. We found Franks childhood home, a large Munich apartment complex, freshly painted the original mustard yellow. The buildings are carefully maintained with lovely gardens, benches, and a pretty fountain where little children were splashing around. Frank wandered off with his memories while Sig and I chatted on a bench. The apartments are on Dachau Strasse, where he recalls running over a nearby hill with other children to play by the abandoned railroad tracks. Were these tracks the ones used to transport the Jews to their death? We speak the unspeakable and our hearts hurt. Thankfully the Holocaust will never be forgotten here. Schools ensure the children learn the truth about the Hitler era and the crimes of his regime against its innocent citizens. Todays Germany is prosperous, blending the old traditions while embracing modern new environmental technology. There is plenty of work for those that want it and therein lies the problem. Germany has welcomed many immigrants, some from countries that hate Israel and all Jews. Bubbling beneath the surface these tensions are creating an atmosphere for hate crimes. How Germany deals with this will show the world they are serious when they say ” Nie Wieder” “Never Again”.

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