Down but not Out!

2009 has gotten off to a fiery start. On January 19th we received word that there was a fire at our “casa” in Todos Santos. Frank flew down immediately to access the damage. Unfortunately it’s fairly extensive and we are now in the process of repair and rebuilding. It is so sad to know what’s been destroyed but….out of the ashes a new and improved “Casa Tierra” will emerge. We’ve had to cancel Aprils scheduled classes and refund the kind folks who have promised to rebook in 2010. We really appreciate your understanding and concern and plan on being up and running for the 2010 season.

Speaking of 2010, “Cook with Us” has entered an agreement with well-known and respected AAA Travel. Their company has formed a subsidiary “Sojourns’” which is a new culinary tour company. They have partnered with us to provide the culinary content for their February 2010 Mexican tour to Todos Santos. We are very excited to be working with them and providing the same fantastic cooking classes that we do with our own clients.

There is plenty of time to get ready for next years culinary vacations, we hope you will join us and look forward to meeting you for a week of fun, learning, and adventure.
P.S. We will be posting the new schedule in May.

Take care everyone, Lynne

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