Revised Website

Our revised website has some great new photos, thanks to our students who so graciously forwarded them to us. We’d like to extend our gratitude and also give credit where credit is due. Jane Rosenberg of Rosenberg Designs took great close-up shots of the scrumptious food we prepared. Checkout those roasting poblano chiles on the “about us” page. Oh, and my very favorite dish “Chiles Nogado” in the “photo gallery”. YUM!!. I love her fire picture taken during our beach cookouts; it’s on the “activities” page. Yoli, my compadre in the kitchen graces the home page. Jim and Diane Hayden also e-mailed great pictures from their class group which can be viewed in the photo gallery. Jim is a master Thai chi instructor and led us in an impromptu morning session which was a welcome start to our day. Judy Milton sent a CD that contained beautiful shots of the Hacienda Inn. Those ladies in her group really knew how to have a good time! I also want to thank our friend Roger, the roving photographer, who took some splendid candid shots. The doll vendor on the “activities page” and Casa Tierra viewing deck are his work.
We also want to thank our students for their heartfelt comments and suggestions. Valerie (one of the crazy ladies) suggested we offer another lodging option, maybe in town. So we now have Casa Bentley, a lovely four suite inn, situated right in the heart of the historic district as a new lodging option for our guests. Valerie and her sister had such a good time with us and at the Hacienda that they are signing up again. Now the only problem, they can’t decide which place to stay. Decisions! Decisions!
Please keep your ideas coming because COOK WITH US strives to make this the BEST VACATION YOU EVER HAD! And remember as Jim so aptly expressed, “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED” in Baja! Bye for now, Lynne

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