Baja Fish Tacos

Baja Fish tacos are all the rage! Chef Lynne from Cook With Us will show you how to prepare the fresh fish, cabbage slaw, and accompaniments for the perfect taco. In this sold out class at the Kitchen Engine we cooked. laughed, and ate…tacos of succulent red snapper fillets and crispy cheesy chile relleno’s.

A Cook With recipe
Baja Fish Tacos / Tacos de Pescado
Baja, Mexico is an anglers paradise. Freshly caught dorado, sierra, wahoo, and red snapper make their way into some awesome fish tacos; but any regional FRESH white fish is good.

1 lb. fresh white fish fillets
3 cloves of garlic, minced
½ cup lime juice
½ cup of finely crushed corn chips
½ cup masa harina
1 tsp sea salt
½ tsp. pepper
½ cup corn or peanut oil
2 egg whites, beaten stiff
16 corn tortillas

Cut fish into two inch fingers. Marinate in lime juice and garlic for ten minutes. Dip each piece into the beaten egg white. Mix the masa and the corn chips in a wide dish, season with salt and pepper. Then dredge fish pieces in the masa/ chip mixture to coat the fish thoroughly

To Fry Fish: Heat vegetable oil in a large skillet on med. high heat. Fry the fish in the hot oil for three to four minutes on each side until the crust is golden and the filet is tender and flakey. Drain on paper towel. Keep warm

To Bake Fish: Heat oven to 375 degrees. Pour ½ cup of oil onto a baking pan. Place one side of breaded fish into the oil, flip over, continue with all pieces. This procedure will ensure that the fish browns and crisps nicely. Bake until the fish flakes and the flesh is cooked through, about 10 minutes. Keep warm.

Heat corn tortillas on a hot comal or griddle until soft and pliable. Fold two tortillas in half and place one or two fish pieces inside, drizzle with chipotle-mayo sauce*, garnish with cabbage slaw, and serve with your favorite salsa.

Makes approx. 8 fish tacos

*Chipotle-cream sauce: Mix together one cup Mexican crema or substitute ½ cup mayo and ½ cup sour cream. Combine with ½ tsp. minced garlic, ½ tsp. cumin, ½ tsp. salt, ¼ tsp. smoked paprika, ¼ tsp. ground chipotle pepper or half of a chipotle pepper in adobo* sauce and a healthy squeeze of lime juice.

* small tins of chipotle chile in adobo can be found in the Mexican section of most supermarkets. A little goes a long way. The remainder will keep for several weeks refrigerated and can be added to many dishes for smoky heat.

A Cook With Us .com recipe
Cabbage Slaw for Baja Fish Tacos
Cabbage gives just the right crunchy texture to fish tacos. Radishes, jicama, or green onions can be added to the slaw if desired.

3 cups of shredded green cabbage
1 cup shredded red cabbage
1 jalapeno pepper, minced
½ cup red onion, chopped
½ cup cilantro, chopped
2 Tbl. Olive oil
2 Tbl. Apple cider vinegar
1 Tbl. Sugar
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Garnish fish tacos with the prepared slaw and a squeeze of fresh lime. Serve immediately.

Fills 8-10 tacos generously.

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